Yoga Styles


Never done yoga before? Come along to our Vinyasa Flow classes. Let Laura know it's your first class. We will slowly start to learn the basics, get a good stretch and it’s a chance to get in some well needed relaxation.

Led Primary Series

The Primary Series is the first of the Ashtanga Sequences. Full of forward bends and hip openers this sequence is great for our tight bodies. In this class you will be guided through the sequence posture by posture with the focus on the breath, bandhas and drishti. Some experience if yoga is required for this class. 

Short Forms

The Short Forms class is a hour long and we will practice a modified version of the primary series. Each week will differ slightly focusing on various parts of the sequence. This class is suitable for all levels although some experience of ashtanga yoga would be handy.

Mysore Style

In this class, we will learn the Ashtanga sequence as it was traditionally taught in Mysore, India. It’s 1:1 teaching in a group environment. Everyone learns at their own pace to their own level. This is truly the best way to learn Ashtanga yoga so whatever your yoga experience, come along and give it a go!